We cannot stop the world consuming millions of tons of edible products as well as soap, detergent, cosmetics, toiletry products, pharmaceuticals and a whole host of industrial products even including lubrication oil. What we can think about is innovative ways to produce high quality and affordable goods and Palm Oil is certainly something we can turn to. In fact, it is already being used in many products and a lot of people are probably not aware of this. That is why it is a good idea to have websites about Palm Oil Products. These sites give credit to the Palm Oil Industry and it’s contribution to the world. The industry will normally refer to something called Oleochemicals which are derived from natural oils and fats e.g Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil. These oils are renewable sources but also biodegradeable which means that they ensure environmentally friendly products. Crude fatty acids and Glycerol can be produced by a process called Hydrolysis which is basically high temp/pressure fat splitting methods. There is also a process worth mentioning called Alcoholysis as well as high temp/high pressure Hydrogenation to produce fatty alcohols and fatty amines. 

Without getting too technical we can consider that further chemical modifications we can produce numerous types of products that have a good commercial use e.g fatty acids and fatty acid derivatives can undergo a  manufacturing process to be an essential part of soap, washing up liquids and cleaning products as well as cosmetics, dyestuffs, textiles and lubricants. There are of course so many applications where Oleochemicals can be used but this is simply being mentioned in order to broaden our understanding regarding the current applications and the myriad of potential future applications. The list can go on ad infinitum.

Palm Oil is popular as a cooking oil for many people over the world. It also does not get people into religious arguments because it is acceptable to all religions. Take a look for example how you can use red palm oil for cooking popcorn.

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