We can thank organizations who provide useful information on Palm Oil. Without these organizations and their efforts, we would have less educational resources for Palm Oil Technology. Do people know that Palm Oil yield is on average about ten times greater than alternative seeds like Soybean, Sunflower and Rapeseed? It is important to learn about the facts if we want to broaden our knowledge in regards to this resource. To spell it out, it means that oil palm growers use less land than others and produce more! The Oil Palm Tree also has a longer economic life span of up to 25 years. The conclusion is that the Oil Palm is beneficial to us not only economically but also environmentally. Oil Palm is now a substantial part of the world global economy.

Palm Oil is not something new as if it just suddenly popped up from nowhere. A balanced approach to the subject of Palm Oil would also lead us to study it’s uses in history. 

Old money paying respect to the Palm Tree

The palm tree has been around since ancient times and mention of it can be found in plenty of old historical manuscripts. Making products from palm oil is not new but traditionally it was found in the wild. It was only in the early 20th century that we see the beginnings of an industry in Malaysia , specifically Selangor which was the birth of the huge Palm Oil Industry we now see in Malaysia. 

Driving through Malaysia is amazing because of all the  trees


If you are a mature adult familiar with Malaysia you might remember driving through the roads many decades ago and seeing myriads of rubber trees. Well, previously Malaysia depended much on rubber as well as tin. Malaysia decided to implement new ideas so that it could avoid too much dependance on those products for its economy. In the 60’s the government had the foresight to start schemes for land owners to alleviate the poverty level and promoted the planting of palm oil seeds.

Malaysia is now one of the big names in Palm Oil thanks to the seeds, trees and previous government initiatives. We have to respect the Palm Tree in Malaysia and those who were responsible for the initiatives because it has provided employment for over half a million people and the profits from this industry sustain many others. Oil palm is a crop that has also shown itself to be the most efficient producer of edible oil.

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