The process from picking the Oil Palm to how it gets into stores is quite fascinating for a Palm Oil enthusiast. The Palm Oil has to be extracted and this requires the use of a system that is familiar to process plant engineers. It firstly involves separating a grading process where the good fruits are separated from the bad (which are then discarded) since they are lower quality. The good fruits are then placed in a large conveyer system which leads to a splitter which is true to it’s name because it literally splits the palm fruits into smaller pieces.  


The split fruit is then carried by a conveyer system and it falls into large cages which are placed in a sterilizer to be heated at a high pressure in a similar way to a familiar steam cooker. The cages containing the sterilized fruits are then taken by a rail carriage transporter  to be emptied using a tipper and conveyed to a rotating threshing drum to separate the fruit from the husks and to go through screw conveyers to enter Digesters and then a presser will press the oil out or rather the CPO (crude palm oil) and the oil will eventually end up in a clarifier and then be dried using a Vacuum Type Oil Dryer to minimize the water content in the palm oil

It is a common practice for trucks to transport the CPO from a mill to refineries for further processing. At the receiving bay of the Palm Oil Refinery Truck unloading station the custody transfer process takes place. This means that the buyer is able to monitor the volume and water content of the delivery to ensure that it meets his specifications. This can be done manually or automatically using online quality monitors attached to the outlet pipes of the truck during delivery. The results might have an impact on the price per load since higher quality CPO is more useful to buyers.
The CPO is then further refined by processes such as fractionation and separation. The impurities are removed and the palm oil is further filtered and bleached. The refining process also removes odors.
Solid stearin and liquid olein fractions can be produced and then it is ready for the basis raw material that is used in many familiar palm oil products.
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