This Page is dedicated to  information on helpful websites on Palm Oil that are official websites.  Please visit their websites and support them in you are a Palm Oil Enthusiast. If there are other websites that you believe should be included in the list, then please let us know by using the contact form to get in touch with us.



The Malaysian Palm Oil Board.Promotes and develops oil palm industry in Malaysia . Provides information on licensing , training, daily price statistics and … MORE ABOUT MPOB


Palmolis is a Palm Oil Information Online Service .. MORE ABOUT PALMOLIS

Online Information for both EAST and WEST Malaysia



The Malaysian Palm Oil Council is charged with spearheading the promotional and marketing activities of Malaysian Palm Oil in an effort to MORE ON MPOC


The following is a very useful video about Malaysia in general. Although it was made several years ago there is definitely a lot of growth for not only large enterprises but small and medium family owned business. Palm Oil helps millions of people (which includes families ) find employment and this is something that needs to be considered.

Palm Oil is already a large percent of world vegetable oil production and the future seems bright because it is the most productive edible oil crop on the planet. The positive moves being made to make sure that Palm Oil is handled responsibly is being undertaken by several groups and one of them is the RSPO – The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil. These groups are finding better ways to keep it Green and it is worth investigating or even joining them if you are interested in making positive steps toward greater sustainability. Some of the recommendations are to use high yielding crops by using productive mother palm trees to produce hybrid seeds. There are steps being made to further reduce emissions and maintain the soil quality as well as many other activities which are designed to be positive ways forward for the Palm Oil Industry and those involved with it.

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