People all over the world are developing ways to turn biomass into energy. It is no longer necessary to leave vegetable mass to rot or be burned. What was normally considered to be a waste product can be turned into valuable energy and even produce electricity. Finding the best ways to do this is something many businessmen, governments, scientists and engineers have committed themselves to developing. It is going to be the most efficient and economical process systems that will most likely win the day. Oil Palm Biomass is definitely considered to be a source for a wealth generating industry and this had led to a continual need for innovation since it is possible that Biomass Energy can be a major contributor to an economy. The following media presentation is well made and gives us a basic understanding of Biomass Production so that those who have never encountered it will have a general understanding of the processes involved.

There really does not seem to be a technical or engineering barrier anymore and this could be something educated investors are thinking about more and more as we fast approach our future of additional technologies implemented on a larger scale to fit into a renewable and sustainable energy roadmap.
The oil palm biomass can definitely undergo conversion into useful chemicals such as Ethanol and even more valuable lactic acids for the food, cosmetic and biochemical industry. 
The European Commission seems to have set a very high goal which is 20% Renewable energy by 2020. That is only a few years away from now and since Oil Palm is a crop that is very productive we can be sure that it is part of the equation. Of course this requires teamwork and international cooperation.

Positive moves into using Biomass to create energy and electricity are not only confined to Malaysia and international efforts are being made. The following video is an example of some of the activities in Thailand which is also rich in Palm in the South.